Why You Ought to Rewatch All Episodes Earlier than Season eight

I did one thing silly. I let a Twitter ballot decide roughly 80 hours of my life over the subsequent 50 days. I requested Twitter if I ought to rewatch each episode of “Recreation of Thrones” earlier than the ultimate season, which is about to premiere on April 14. These twitterers stated I ought to. Fool that I’m, I made a decision to run with what 28 of 32 nameless voters stated I ought to do with my life.

So who’s coming with me? This isn’t a misery-loves-company scenario. I’m stoked. Let’s all get stoked collectively.

I started yesterday, plowing by way of three episodes in a day. And let me inform you: Bran Stark is the cutest little child, Cersei Lannister’s relentless thirst for energy is in its infancy and Eddard Stark is sort of a blind child panda relating to politics. The collection is off and operating, and when you understand how the whole lot seems, it educates and enriches each storyline. It’s type of like watching these characters relive their highschool glory days, with the information of how their lives panned out (or ended). Jamie Lannister has his sword-bearing hand again. Jon Snow is in his awkward stage, however no less than the destiny of the world isn’t but on his shoulders so he doesn’t should brood a lot. (He nonetheless broods quite a bit.) Rob Stark, Rickon Stark and Girl Stark are alive. Theon Greyjoy nonetheless has his manhood. The crew is complete, actually.

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The gravity of the primary episode — with options the primary sighting of the White Walkers, which principally turns into a non-story for a number of seasons — looms a lot bigger, like an ignored and festering wound. Each main misstep is brutal, as a result of you realize what the repercussions might be. Each second of foreshadowing seems like a clue you missed on the primary go-round (for instance, Jamie rejects the thought of changing into the Hand of the King once more as a result of their lifespans are too brief. Enter: Eddard).

Not solely does having information of the present’s route assist educate the present’s previous, however the present’s previous also needs to educate the present’s route. As the brand new season approaches, it might behove us as viewers to review the present’s twists and turns another time earlier than absorbing the ultimate episodes of the collection. (May we learn the books? Positive, however that’d take for much longer than 80 hours. The primary guide on tape is 34 hours. For those who’re up for that, go for it. Be mindful, it’s a special textual content with a special plot line than the TV reveals.) Armed with an intensive information of the story, we will higher perceive the finality of one of many best reveals to ever air on tv.

I’m totally conscious that binging a present with this many hours makes me a complete nerd. I’m happy with that. This present is fairly freaking nerdy. Settle for it.

The nerd in me is aware of that the scope of this present is expansive. The nerd in me is aware of that this present deserves to be studied. And the nerd in me is embracing a possibility to really feel totally ready for Winter by trekking again to Summer time with a purpose to really perceive how far the present has come.

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