If a two-way chipper is unlawful, why is a Bulls Eye putter permissible?

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You say utilizing a two-faced chipper is unlawful. So how did Notah Begay get away with utilizing a Bulls Eye putter each right- and left-handed in the identical spherical? I distinctly bear in mind him going by means of a interval when he putted left-to-right putts left-handed and right-to-left putts right-handed. Subsequent guidelines change? Completely different guidelines for a putter? —EUGENE ELY, SAN JOSE, CALIF.

Eugene, you weren’t alone in your (moderately accusatory!) question. Putters had been first exempted within the 1976 Guidelines of Golf from the Gear Guidelines — Half 2, Part 4d, my fellow nerds — that say a clubhead will need to have just one placing face.

This exemption was made to allow the continued use of conventional blade-style putters just like the Bulls Eye — it specifies that the 2 faces will need to have the identical traits and be reverse one another (presumably to stop Picasso-like Cubist putters).

Anyway, right this moment, even much less conventional two-faced putters could also be used so long as they conform to all of the related Guidelines of Golf — a helpful case of “bothsidesism.”

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