A 4 step technique that will help you chill out and enhance give attention to the tee

Aspire to breathe! This rest method helps you scale back stress and enhance focus throughout your spherical.

1. Inhale: Inhale slowly and deeply via your nostril. Rely to 4. Ensure that to focus and focus on your respiration and block out every thing else.

2. Maintain: After your lungs are fully crammed with air, maintain your breath to a gradual depend of 4.

three. Exhale: Exhale slowly via your mouth or nostrils and slowly depend once more to 4. As in step 1, focus and focus strictly in your respiration and the motion of air out of your lungs and thru your mouth or nostrils.

four. Maintain: Maintain your breath for an additional gradual 4 depend, then repeat. Preserve at it till you are feeling stress leaving your physique.

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